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Swarangini Digital

Electronic Tanpura

Swarangini Digital Electronic Tanpura has now become the preffered Tanpura of all professional performing artist. Since its launch it has gone on to win the hearts of Hindustani & Carnatic musicians alike because of it superior Tanpura tone. It also has some great features like, individual string volume control, feather touch keypad, SMPS, plastic case & more. Swarangini Digital is the future of Electronic Tanpura.

MRP Rs . 6400/-

Taal Tarang Digital Compact

Electronic Tabla, Pakhawaj, Dholak & Duff

Taal Tarang Digital Compact is the latest electronic Tabla from house of Sound Labs. It is the improved version of its predecessor Taal Tarang Digital & is loaded with new features like Feather Touch Keyboard, Digital Tuning & Tempo, ABS Cabinet along with other trademark Taal Tarang features like the tone of the Tabla, Dholak, Duff & Pakhawaj. And all this in a compact cabinet weighing just about 560 grams.

MRP Rs . 6400/-

Mridanga Talam Digital Compact

Electronic Mridangam with Manjira

It is the 1st electronic instrument to play both the Mridangam & the Manjira together from Sound Labs. It automatically synchronizes both the Mridangam & Manjira's Pitch, Tempo, Kalam to the selected Talam. It also plays both the instrument independently. Some of its other features are Feather Touch Keyboard, Digital Tuning & Tempo, ABS Cabinet weighing just about 560 grams.

MRP Rs . 6400/-

Taal Tarang Digital

Electronic Tabla, Pakhawaj, Dholak & Duff

An Indian classical electronic music instrument rendering Taal is Taal Tarang Digital... This era’s ideal Tabalji for every Hindustani musician’s daily practice. This electronic Tabla machine possess an unmatched sound quality, sleek & neat design, tayyari meter, universal power mode, digital tuning, composer & more at a very affordable price. A Tabla, Dholak, Duff & Pakhawaj packed in one is the Taal Tarang Digital.

MRP Rs . 5300/-


New Raagini Digital

Electronic Tambura

The New Raagini Digital Electronic Tanpura has the Original Check Button which certifies that it is manufactured by Sound Labs. It's made of ABS Plastic Hexagonal Cabinet with Capacitive Touch Keyboard which makes it 35% lighter at only 760 gms. It also comes with an Auxiliary Stereo Out & In-Built Battery Charger for AAA cells. We have Discontinued production of Metal Body Raagini Digital.

MRP Rs . 5600/-


Electronic Lehera

Nagma (programmed electronic Harmonium type) is an Electronic Lehera packed with 194 Raags in 20 Taals to assist a Tabla artist both novice & professional in their daily practice. It has a pitch range exceeding one octave, with fine tune. A range of options exists in its laya, metronome, timber & style keys. Volume controls for Lehera, drone & metronome is independent. It also has a LCD display & composer.

MRP Rs . 4500/-

Swar Sudha

Electronic Shruti Box, Metronome & Tuner

Carnatic instrument to aid the musician is the Electronic Shruti Box. This Electronic Shruti Petti with its genuine Shruti tone & an accurate pitch range in excess of an octave doubles in as a tuner also when required. It also has an inbuilt Metronome. Its ABS plastic case, fine tuning along with is auto memory and main / batteries operation, makes it an exciting Carnatic musical instrument.

MRP Rs . 2000/-

Riyaz Master Pro

Electronic Tabla

Riyaz Master Professional is the electronic Tabla machine that revolutionized music & electronics alike with its original Tabla sound. This Tabla instrument is loaded with 24 Taals & 12 variations, tempo & pitch adjuster, laya & sum indicator and a feather touch keyboard. Balance for Tabla & Dagga can also be set. Practicing Hindustani music became a whole lot convenient & exciting with Riyaz Master Tabla.

MRP Rs . 5100/-


Taal Tarang Digital Power

Electronic Tabla

TTP-107 is a fully digital Hi-Power Electronic Tabla capable of playing 107 Thekas & 24 Taals

MRP Rs . 5900/-